About SLNA

Chhattisgarh State Watershed Management Agency (CGSWMA) constituted by the State Government having an independent bank account. CGSWMA having multidisciplinary professional support team to implement the programme.

CGSWMA will sanction watershed projects for the entire State on the basis of approved state perspective and strategic plan (SPSP). as per procedure in vogue and oversee all watershed projects in the state within the parameters set out in these Guidelines.

The main functions of the CGSWMA is to Prepare a perspective and strategic plan of watershed development for the state on the basis of plans prepared at the block and district level. We Establish and maintain a state level data cell from the funds sanctioned to the States, and connect it online with the National Level Data Centre.Provide technical support to District Watershed Development Units (DWDU) throughout the state.

We Approve Project Implementing Agencies identified/selected by DWDU/District Level Committee by adopting appropriate objective selection criteria and transparent systems. Establish monitoring, evaluation and learning systems at various levels (Internal and external/ independent systems).

We Ensure regular and quality on-line monitoring of watershed projects in the state in association with Nodal Agency at the central level and securing feedback by developing partnerships with independent and capable agencies.Prepare State Specific Process Guidelines, Technology Manuals etc in coordination with the Nodal Ministry/ NRAA and operationalise the same.

About IWMP

The main objectives of the IWMP are to restore the ecological balance by harnessing, conserving and developing degraded natural resources such as soil, vegetative cover and water.  The outcomes are  prevention of soil run-off, regeneration of natural vegetation, rain water harvesting and recharging of the ground water table.  This enables  multi-cropping and the introduction of diverse agro-based activities, which help to provide sustainable livelihoods to the people residing in the watershed area.